Camping tent

The camping tent is the most basic of all equipment that is required on a camping trip. While there are many people who have upgraded to camping in motor homes, there is no denying the closeness with nature that you feel when you camp in a regular tent.

A tent is basically some fabric that is draped and pulled on a frame and attached with some ropes to poles hammered into the ground. The size that tents are available in varies from a small bivouac that can accommodate only a single person to those that are large enough to hold a circus. Tents that are used for recreation and need to be carried in a backpack or on a touring bicycle are generally light and easy to fold and put up.

While tents are called by different names in different area including kohte, nomadic tents, tarp tent, chum and wigwam, there are essentially three configurations of the modern recreational tent. The single skin tent has only a single layer of waterproofing material that makes the roof and the walls. The single sheet with flysheet allows for an extra layer that is suspended over the roof of the tent in order to provide extra protection from the rain or sleet. The double skin is a tent where there is extra waterproofing that extends all the way down to the floor.

These days, the kinds of tents that you can probably see in the market include frame tents, cabin tents, wall tents, spike tents and range tents too.



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