Camping Techniques

Camping techniques that you can benefit include a lot of survival techniques. The can be simple ones that explain how to start a bonfire to more complicated ones that explain the manner in which a tent can be pitched. While there are various kinds of tents that you may encounter including hooped tunnel, dome, geodesic and ridge, you definitely know how to pitch the one that you have.

While you may know how to pitch a tent, there are still other things that you have to make sure in order to have a good night's sleep. When you are in the midst of nature, you also need to know the laws of nature. This is what helps you make the most of your trip without being a brash urban who spoils the ecological balance of the place by littering and soiling.

Learning these techniques will help your camping trip be fantastic while you steer clear of offending Mother Nature.

Camping in cold weather

There are many survival techniques that you need to know when you are camping. But if you really want to ensure that your camping trip in cold weather is comfortable and pleasant, there are additional tips that you will need in order to ensure that you are on the top of the game. The most important thing to remember when you are camping in cold weather is to remember that you have to keep dry at...


Pitching a tent

No tent means 'no resting place or sleeping place' and this is something that is not acceptable unless you are on a day trip. In fact, you need to pitch a tent even if you are having a day trip in order to keep your material safe from the likely damage that the weather can do. It is always a good idea to practice the process of opening a tent, pitching it and then packing it up to move i...


Using the Global Positioning System

With the availability of such sophisticated devices, it is always easy to know where you are in order to find your way back or to tell your exact coordinates to a search party. However, there is no use carrying the GPS with you if you do not know how to use the system properly. You should know how to give a position reading, know how to store and list way-point positions so that you can find you...


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