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Camping is a recreational activity that many nature lovers indulge in. it is an outdoor activity that can include a lot of other recreational activities like bonfires, fishing, kayaking and more. In most cases, camping trips involve spending at least one night out in the open in a place where there are no buildings or manmade structures. The entire idea is to enjoy nature and to be closer to it than we are in our daily routines.

Campers generally choose a campsite where they camp for a while. There are various official campsites that are created in order to ensure that people can enjoy these amenities. In most cases the camping involves a tent, a caravan, a cabin, a primitive structure or a motorhome.

As an activity, camping really became popular as an outdoor activity sometime in the 20th century. In most cases, campers like to camp in national parks and publically owned natural areas. Today there are also privately owned camping grounds that one can rent out for a few days. Camping is also a standard part of youth development programs and organizations since it tends to build teamwork, self-reliance and confidence too.

There are really different kinds of camping that people indulge in. The most intriguing is survival camping where participants take off with nothing more than their clothes and boots. Skills that involve arranging for food from the wild and handling medical emergencies are required in such cases. Winter camping is essentially camping during the winter when there is snow on the ground. Some of the methods in which people take care of themselves and protect themselves from the winter include snow caves, igloos and sleeping bags.

Work camping is a specific kind of camping where campers put in some labor in order to get free access to a camping site for some time. This, however, is typically seasonal in nature and lasts from May to October. Adventure camping, on the other hand, is a type of camping where people camp in natural areas in order to be able to participate in some kinds of adventure sports. These could be mountain climbing, water sports or gliding.

When one refers to camping these days, it is generally the contemporary type of camping that is being referred to. This is the camping that is characterized by motorhomes or a mobile home. This kind of camping has become extremely popular in France, Italy and Spain. The popularity has become so high that the traditional tents are being replaced with temporary motorhomes too in order to meet the demand.

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